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"We want to build a country open to the world, with a strong and dynamic production system, grounded in recognition of the worth of its human capital, technological capabilities, and its culture.
We want a united, democratic, open, and tolerant society based on solidarity, peace and social justice.We want to build a country with a sustainable human development and a balanced regional development anchored in an advanced environmental awareness and a well-developed ecological conscience."

"Queremos um país aberto ao mundo, com um sistema produtivo forte e dinâmico, assente na valorização do seu capital humano, capacitação tecnológica e na sua cultura. Queremos uma sociedade solidária, de paz e justiça social, democrática, aberta e tolerante. Juntos, queremos construir um país dotado de um desenvolvimento humano durável, com um desenvolvimento regional equilibrado, sentido estético e ambiental, baseado numa consciência ecológica desenvolvida."

 2010 AGOA Agenda

Business & Investment United States-Sub-Saharan Africa Trade and Economic Cooperation Forum

(AGOA Forum)

August 2-3, 2010, Washington, D.C.

August 4-6, 2010, Kansas City, Missouri

Click to see full schedule of events and speakers

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 Cape Verde Government has new Cabinet


The Capeverdean Government announced a new cabinet, following a reshuffle on February 24, 2010.

Click here to see a complete list of Government Officials…

Posted by admin on Tuesday, March 02 @ 11:54:52 EST (18023 reads)
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 President Pedro Pires Congratulates President Obama, Nobel Peace Prize Winner

Praia, October 09, 2009

Dear President Obama,

The People of Cape Verde joins me to express earnest congratulations to Your Excellency on the occasion of the announcement of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.

In my view, the international community has lately been enjoying an atmosphere of enhanced hope, dialogue and trust, thanks to some new policies that your Administration has been implementing. As such, I understand the Nobel Committee’s decision as a much deserved one, and a clear sign of encouragement for the United States of America to pursue, steadfast, the path of peace, security and partnership, in strengthening the foundations of multilateralism and cooperation between peoples. Cape Verde is with you in such a great endeavor.

Please be assured, Mr. President and Dear Friend, of my highest consideration and personal esteem.

Yours Cordially,


President of the Republic of Cape Verde

His Excellency
President of the United States of America
The White House

Posted by admin on Tuesday, October 13 @ 12:35:58 EDT (8579 reads)
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 Ambassador Fátima Veiga attends fundraiser in New Bedford, MA

Community and EmigrationAmbassador Fátima Veiga attends fundraiser in New Bedford, MA, benefiting the Cape Verdean Association in New Bedford.

Aug 29, 2009

Click to see the photos

Embaixadora Fátima Veiga em visita à comunidade de New Bedford, MA, para apoiar a noite de angariação de fundos da Associação Cabo Verdeana em New Bedford.

29 de Agostoo, 2009

Veja aqui as fotos

Posted by admin on Wednesday, September 02 @ 11:34:03 EDT (8795 reads)
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 US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Cape Verde, August 12-13, 2009

Global CompetitivenessAmbassador Fatima Veiga is in Cape Verde as part of the host delegation and is available to answer your questions on the following cell phone number: +238-9583114.

Read below for more information:

Click here for details in English

Click here for details in Portuguese

Posted by admin on Thursday, August 13 @ 12:03:45 EDT (7427 reads)
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 Another milestone for MCA - Cape Verde.

InfrastructuresAnother milestone for MCA - Cape Verde: second MCC/MCA road inaugurated in Santiago Island.

“The Assomada-Cha de Tanque-Rincao Road: A Bridge between a Prosperous Past and a Promising Future”

Click on the link to read the blog post by Mr. Medhi Brito, MCA Managing Director.

To read a Portuguese version of this inauguration, visit MCA – Cabo Verde’s website at www.mca.cv/

or click on the link below:

Note: Authorized by MCC

Posted by admin on Tuesday, July 21 @ 12:17:37 EDT (11221 reads)
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Business & InvestmentNew investment oppotunity in Cape Verde company.

Overview of this Public Service Offer (in English)

View Details of this offer (in English)

Download Application form for this offer (in Portuguese)

Posted by admin on Tuesday, July 14 @ 15:04:44 EDT (9290 reads)
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 Cidade Velha na ilha de Santiago declarada Património da Humanidade

Cape Verde
Clique no link abaixo para mais detalhes:

Posted by admin on Monday, June 29 @ 17:37:54 EDT (9480 reads)
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 ''Cidade Velha” in Santiago Island declared World Heritage

Cape Verde
Click here to read details in the press release:

Posted by admin on Monday, June 29 @ 17:33:12 EDT (12933 reads)
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EconomyMillenium Challenge Account - CAPE VERDE – June 2009.
Click here for details

Posted by admin on Monday, June 29 @ 17:27:20 EDT (9520 reads)
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EnvironmentCape Verde has another reason to celebrate this week! On June 6, 2009 the government of Cape Verde/MCA-Cape Verde and the MCC (Millenium Challenge Corporation inaugurated the Orgãos-Pedra Badejo road on the island of Santiago. Prime Minister Neves presided the ceremony attended by other government and MCC officials, with locals who will benefit from this great milestone in the road to improved livelihoods and development.
For more information follow the link www.mcc.gov

For the portuguese version see the link below / Para a versão em português siga o link abaixo indicado: www.mca.cv

Posted by admin on Friday, June 12 @ 12:57:50 EDT (9220 reads)
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 Ambassador Veiga presents credentials as Ambassador of Cape Verde to Canada

GovernanceAmbassador Fatima Veiga traveled to Ottawa, Canada to present the letters of accreditation to the Right Honorable Michaëlle Jean, Governor General of Canada, as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Cape Verde to Canada. The ceremony took place on Thursday, February 26th at Rideau Hall, Ottawa.

During the visit, Ambassador Veiga will take the opportunity to meet with Canadian government officials as well as representatives of the diplomatic corps. In addition, Ambassador Veiga has plans to meet with business representatives and will travel to Toronto to visit the Cape Verdean community residing in that city.

Besides the United States and Canada, Ambassador Veiga is also the appointed Ambassador of Cape Verde to Mexico.

* * *

Click to see picture of the ceremony
(photo credits: Sgt Serge Gouin, Rideau Hall )
Contact: Isabel Varela

Posted by Admin on Monday, March 02 @ 12:42:41 EST (9840 reads)
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 CAPE VERDE is the 153rd Member of World Trade Organization (WTO)

EconomyOn 23 July 2008, the WTO welcomed Cape Verde as its newest member. Cape Verde started its accession negotiations in 1999 and ratified its accession package to the WTO on 23 June 2008, which was the final step in the accession process before it could officially join the WTO. Under WTO rules, a country becomes a member 30 days after national ratification. “Being part of the WTO will enable Cape Verde to continue its integration into the world economy,” said Director-General Pascal Lamy. Since 1991, the country has pursued market-oriented economic policies, facilitating foreign investment, fostering the private sector through privatisations, developing tourism, light manufacturing industries and fisheries. Cape Verde has also developed its transport, communications and energy facilities. Its main trading partners are Portugal, Netherlands, Brazil, Spain, Italy, the US and France. The biggest importer to Cape Verde is Portugal (EUR 116.79 million in 2007). Cape Verde's exports to Portugal were worth EUR 4.41 million in 2007.
Click here to see picture

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 E-Government in CAPE VERDE: A success story

Global CompetitivenessAs outlined in the Information Society Strategic Program, electronic government is one of the pillars of the development of the Information Society in Cape Verde. The transformation of Cape Verde implies winning the battle of competitiveness and the modernization of the economy and the society. The Communication and Information Technologies (ICT’s) are a factor of Cape Verde’s active insertion in the global economy, helping to breakdown the barriers of our island condition so that the country may be tuned with the world, accompanying the major changes, and participate in the evolution of know-how and knowledge, be close to the centers of decision-making, detect opportunities and put them to the service of Cape Verde’s own development. The government’s bet on electronic governance is an imperative to improve the efficiency of the State, public administration, both central and local, thus strengthening the Rule of Law, since the information technologies help to promote transparency, accountability and democracy. A recent case study “Small States, Smart Solutions” just released by the World Bank during the Spring Meetings shows how Cape Verde has managed to overcome, through information and communication technologies, the handicaps of it size and isolation and reduce the costs and increase the effectiveness of public goods and services, and how to reduce the costs of connectivity with the rest of the world.

Copies of the book may be purchased by clicking on the link below.
Purchase copies of this book

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 Creating a Business in One Day

Business & InvestmentCreating a Business in One Day - Entrepreneurship and Competitiveness.
Click here to read more details

To access the portal PORTON DI NOS ILHA, go to

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